Uniform Range

SACHBA is a company that takes the time to make many outfits dedicated to professionals to enable them to work with a secure set. For example, you will find combat suits in the special force range or fire resistance in the fire and technical range. Each article is made by starting with a scrupulous selection of materials because they are essential to provide great safety to every professional who will intervene in a dangerous space, either because of the environment or people to face.

However, SACHBA does not just make protective gear for professionals. Indeed, our shop has set up a particular range to provide uniforms tailored to your profession.

You will find suitable models to dress up your team with corporate clothing made with high-end items.

You can find in this category work clothes or image that will be available at a good price. Each uniform will allow you to enjoy optimal comfort for many hours without feeling the slightest discomfort. The quality of each uniform does not stop there because it allows you to enjoy a reliable item over time, even by wearing it very regularly.

The uniforms in this category are therefore very good solutions to offer high quality sets while mastering the values of each profession. You can browse this range Uniform and choose among the two articles available:

• The military uniform
• Corporate uniform

You can contact us immediately to tell us about your needs for the uniforms needed to dress your professionals easily with high quality clothing that will be reliable at all times. You can ask us your questions without fear and get all the information you need.