Special Force Bullet vest :


During your interventions in the field, you will very often be confronted with dangerous situations. It will be important to protect yourself to ensure you stay healthy until the end of your mission. It is important to ensure your protection that it is important to provide equipment adapted to each member and the choice must not be made lightly.

Our company RACHBA takes care to offer you high quality articles to offer optimal protection to each soldier during his interventions. It is not surprising that our experts have developed a high-end bullet vest to effectively protect every professional. This equipment dedicated to the intervention forces is to use in outer or inner port according to your protective suit.

You have the option of placing different NIJ III, NIJ III +, NIJ IV Ballistic Plates. These plates will allow each soldier to benefit from a great protection against various projectiles but also ammunition and blows of the blades in case of clash with the body.

Our company RACHBA took care to develop exceptional articles to propose essential and competitive equipments in the category Special Force. The equipment is robust and allows to maintain reliability over time without losing a single moment the comfort and freedom of movement that are essential to carry out missions in the field.

The bullet vest from RACHBA was therefore developed with a rigorous selection of materials to develop a high quality article that will provide comfort and protection high-end without the slightest doubt. You can contact us to tell us about your needs for your Special Force bullet vest equipment.