Military Uniform :


SACHBA is a company of tailoring of outfits adapted to the professionals in order to provide them with high quality articles allowing to protect them during various perilous missions. For example, you may find combat suits or a bullet-proof vest protecting various projectiles, but it may also involve fire-resistant clothing for firefighters.

SACHBA is a company that uses its expertise to make high-quality items that can save lives. But that does not stop there since SACHBA has developed a range of products corresponding to uniforms. These items will allow you to get outfits for your entire team by allowing you to enjoy a high-end fabric.

For example, you can choose the military uniform that will be the de rigueur for an outfit or a formal dress. Each uniform is composed of a jacket and pants made of high quality fabrics to provide optimal comfort and reliability of this outfit / ceremony over time.

SACHBA’s military uniform has been developed to allow you to reflect the image of your army with honor and values. For example, you can choose the shirt, pants and berret set or the military cap.

We will not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of different fabrics available to make uniforms tailored to the needs of each client. So take the time to contact us and provide us with your specifications to quickly obtain information and answers to your questions. Our shop will not fail to select the material scrupulously to satisfy each customer by offering high quality uniforms that can be ordered in large numbers by telling us every detail useful to carry out your order.