Company Presentation

Founded in 1987 as a limited liability company (SARL), the Sachba Company has rapidly positioned itself in the field of making clothes for the Army. The company has subsequently enjoyed rapid growth which now puts it in a good position in its field of activity. The current staff totals more than fifty executives and employees working together daily for the success and realization of various projects entrusted to them. All of Sachba products are made in compliance with the criteria of quality fixed for them by the Army specification books. At the same time, delivery times are met thanks to the great production capacity of Sachba.

Clothing for various activity sectors

Sachba is a company that has adapted to the needs of its market. Thus, it now offers clothing for professionals in various fields. Military clothing such as vests and combat clothing are among the basic items produced by the company. Today, the company also offers a wide range of professional products that affects many apparel sectors (military, police, fire-fighters, private companies’ surveillance and security, clothing for hunting and fishing etc …).

Since its inception, Sachba was able to make many creations of clothing of any kind. This experience also allows them to cope with all situations that may arise. By mastering its business, its capacity of adaptation and innovation gives it the ability to quickly respond to customer needs in terms of production. Indeed, the orders will be delivered within a very short time. Additionally, interesting price-lists will be proposed, whatever the nature of the order.

The Origin SACHBA

Are you looking for military outfit, uniform or accessories? It is not easy to find work clothing and protection while ensuring to acquire a quality equipment but it is essential to equip you properly during your service. That’s why SACHBA took the time to choose the best products before selling them. The careful design of each item is rigorously controlled to ensure we offer high quality and reliable products before adding them to our sales catalog.

SACHBA is a company that has taken the time to adapt to the market and the needs to remain competitive at every moment. It has also managed to diversify effectively to offer a variety of products while remaining in the field of professional clothing. So you can find items like military uniforms with uniforms and combat suits, not to mention the protections. The experience has managed to help our company to improve in time to almost excellence, so it has increased the loyalty of more and more customers by remaining competent in the field of professional outfits.

The beginning of this fabulous adventure goes back to 1987 and it was the launch of a great history around the manufacture and the sale of the military clothes which are the basic and essential products of the company. But that’s not all, over the years, SACHBA has made sure to give a wonderful high quality image for every item added to the shop.

This success and great reliability within the company is due to SACHBA’s designers being incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about each project.

However, our company SACHBA also took care to keep a professional and important contact with each customer to accompany them in their idea to develop a quality design followed by a high-end design without forgetting the realization and professional production. Our company is therefore able to support a project even for large-scale production and our experts will always be available to meet the needs and questions of customers in terms of equipment and clothing.

One of our major strengths is to make sure to keep a constant link with our customers to take care of the follow-up and customer service because satisfaction is our priority for each order and important project.

Beyond the customer relationship and the closeness maintained with our customers, we make sure to provide a service as high-end as our items for the entire course of each customer order being part of a company, hospitals, hotels and administration.

Want to know what our different product categories are?

We currently have 3 ranges of specialized equipment allowing you to enjoy various specialized clothing for each category:

• The special force range

• Anti-fire / technical range

• The uniform range

If you have any questions about your company SACHBA or articles corresponding to one of our ranges, you can contact us at any time to inform us of your questions without forgetting to communicate us any desire of professional project and specialized garment manufacturing.

So do not wait any longer to browse our shop and enjoy the high-quality, professional quality of every product we offer you.