Special Force Combat Outfit :


Our company SACHBA uses its know-how to offer tailored clothing to professionals even in extreme situations. The intervention clothing is also an essential item in our shop and this combat suit for military was made to allow each professional to enjoy a high-end item offering optimal protection.

Military intervention clothing is an essential element for the daily life of these professionals during the various field missions that are often dangerous.

Our combat clothing for military is declined in 3 distinct parts. You will find:

•A shirt


• Safety gloves

Each military combat gear is precisely designed to offer a high quality product and the selection of fabrics and materials. The choice is made with care so that the company SACHBA makes sure to choose each element in the best possible way by taking care of the choice of the materials and fabrics of camouflages to keep a great discretion during each mission of military intervention.

But that’s not all, the high-quality workmanship with the chosen materials can give a great assurance on the use of these outfits for a long time.

So do not hesitate for a moment if you are looking for a military combat outfit for heavy use. The three pieces will be of great comfort for many hours and the confection makes it possible to offer a flawless reliability at every moment even during certain perilous situations.

It is for the quality of our Special Force products that our company SACHBA quickly wins the trust of its customers because the smallest purchase proves quickly and in all circumstances. So do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your needs for your military intervention