Your Firefighter Outfit :


All professionals need to be equipped with appropriate clothing to be able to do their job properly while enjoying staying safe during various missions. The company SACHBA offers many articles specialized in various professions such as bullet vests and combat suits that protect the military during their perilous missions.

But there are other professions requiring professional uniforms adapted to the needs of each mission. For example, firefighters need protection during their interventions to protect themselves from fumes and flames that are very dangerous and require high-end protection.

SACHBA has therefore made outfits used during various firefighting interventions. The choice of materials is essential to succeed in finding fabrics that resist fire and fire for example, but also to slags of molten metals. Each firefighter’s outfit is made with a fabric that can not tear and that allows to obtain a reliable behavior showing a great strength at every moment.

It is from this careful design that this fireproof suit has been developed to offer the best at a competitive price.

The firefighter’s outfit consists of a fireproof jacket and an anti-fire over-trousers. These two pieces are equipped with reflective strips to allow each professional to remain visible in all circumstances. But that’s not all, we can also take care of making a hood with a fireproof fabric to protect every firefighter from head to toe.

By equipping your team with a fireproof outfit, you can easily enjoy a comfortable outfit that lets you free your movements at any time to carry out your mission while enjoying exceptional quality. So do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your needs.