Technical Workwear :


It is important to equip yourself with a protective suit adapted to your profession but also the different missions that you must carry out. Firefighters, for example, need a fire-resistant suit, and SACHBA has developed a high-quality uniform to provide safe and comfortable work clothing. But the fire resistance is not the only available on the range of this shop.

In fact, we also invite you to discover the technical workwear that has been specially designed to provide the necessary protection for your team during their work.

Workwear is designed to protect against various risks related to various technical occupations. It is not uncommon for these different missions to have to protect themselves from fire, acid, heat, ice scraps and many more. That’s why SACHBA has taken the time to select the best fabrics for you to acquire qualified technical workwear for all the missions of your teams.

But that’s not all, the workwear in this category will allow you to enjoy great comfort with total freedom of movement and this is very important to stay able to work easily during various missions. The scrupulously selected fabric will help you move easily while remaining perfectly protected by this workwear that covers you completely to the neck.

So do not hesitate to contact us if you need a technical outfit to protect your team during missions that can be dangerous. We will take the time to provide you with specific information to allow you to receive answers to your questions. We will answer you quickly while taking into account your specifications, so do not wait any longer and go ahead in your project through SACHBA.